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SportTopNews is the premiere site for all the sportsbetting news online. We take pride in the quality gaming experience we offer. SportTopNews is among the world’s biggest and most up to date sports betting websites, and our years of experience in the gaming and betting industry provide you with the assurance of quality and a one of a kind gaming experience. Our editors are dedicated to recommendations of only the best sports betting establishments who provide fair play and reliable payouts.

SportTopNews is among the world’s leading sportsbook and entertainment sites, making it a point to hold itself to high standards, and the most up to date sports betting news. We deliver the most up to date news and analyses plus the most accurate odds and up to the minute wagering opportunities.

Managed by a round the clock editorial staff, SportTopNews produces articles, statistics and information for sports enthusiasts, 24 hours a day, all year round. The site features live scores, odds, detailed match pages plus key angles and analyses on every major sport. As the sportsbetting industry grows, so do the needs of our readers, and we are committed to providing them with the best that we can offer as a leader in sports betting journalism.

Christopher F. Wood
As a an award winning former poker player and professional gambler both in land based and online casinos, Chris Wood is certainly to know a thing or two about the industry. A keen eye for innovation, Wood likes researching gadgets and gizmos, as well as software and internet applications and then writing about them.

Harley Reid
An old salt at the casinos in Vegas, Reid grew up in Las Vegas, and began doing odd jobs wiping tables at first, then rising to became croupier and pit boss. Tired of standing up all the time, Reid became a consultant for a number of prominent online casinos, attending casino conferences all over the world. With rare insight, Reid provides sharp tips and useful tutorials, plus inside industry gossip, with the dry humor of someone for whom casinos are a second home.

Rodney Eriksen
Rodney Eriksen was playing poker in the 80s when it wasn’t as fashionable, and when the online poker boom began, he was already at the forefront of the new technology, playing and winning online poker tournaments and garnering awards. As editor for SportTopNews, Eriksen concentrates on poker and other skill games, delivers insightful, in depth information and is sure to improve your game.

Leslie Rogers
Leslie Rogers has been practicing law for most of her professional life, serving as counsel for some of the most renowned casino in the United States. Rogers is considered a premier authority on gambling law and jurisdiction. Her writing captures the exciting times in which we live, in which online casino gambling is fighting for its life in the courts around the world.

Hugo B. Horton
Hugo is that rare combination of a professional gambler and romantic. Flamboyent, outspoken and decidedly anti-authoritarianism, Horton, too, grew up in Las Vegas, immersing himself in the nightlife and hedonism. Horton will tell you all about anything else there is to do in the casinos, from shows to nightlife to reviews of the service and rooms. In between, he will help you find all the best slot machines, with the highest progressive jackpots. When it comes to fast profits, Horton is the man!